Warmaster High Elf Archers

I've finally emerged from the hibernation of winter to break my blogging and painting drought. This is the first time writing a post on my phone as the PC is out of action, so this may be a choppy read...

Although much of last year was taken up with the Lawrence of Arabia diorama on one way or another it definitely reignited my modelling - and painting bug - although I did very little with brushes myself.
Last year our gaming group also started playing Warmaster, the only GW game I hadn't play previously. Whilst we'd done plenty of 2mm and a bit of 6mm, 10mm was new. I particularly liked the look of Warmaster on the table as it reminded me so much of the video games Shadow of the Horned Rat and Dark Omen - a pure hit of nostalgia.
This seemed like an ideal game/range to jump back on the painting wagon as whole armies can be painted up relatively quickly. In theory anyway. 
After wanting to go for Lizardmen or Skaven, in the end I opted for High Elves mostly because of the …

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