Tuesday, 31 July 2012

40k Old School Artwork in 6th Edition

In a recent post, I asked whether there was something retro in the air (perhaps just a leak at the local sewage works), or whether or not I was imagining what seemed to be an "old school revival." Well, I haven't actually got my own copy of 6th Edition yet but it seems that this something in the air is not only affecting gamers but GW too. Thanks to The Marienburg Gazette I have just seen this superb piece of artwork from the tome (page 198)...

And if there isn't an Ambull, a Zoat, a Slann, and other RT-era lovelies in there (does that mean I can start converting and fielding them in GW stores now?). Also the "space skaven" from 3rd edition that I used to say I would convert one day (I remember there being a rumour that they were the Hrud and the next army in development... the most common rumour beyond plastic greatcoat Guard).

Heretical Forgery...
In other news it seems that Forgeworld are producing Horus Heresy era miniatures, seemingly looking to capitalise on the back of the popularity of the Black Library series. There are elements of the era that I really like and some of the fluff generated from the series has been great, although the characterisation has perhaps been a bit patchy. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing what's done with the Thousand Sons, but really I feel quite bad that I'm not as excited about this as I feel I probably should be. I have no doubt whatever they do produce will be superb though. Now on the other hand if FW said we're producing a series of books and miniatures expanding the Age of Apostasy and the theology of the Ecclesiarchy I would be as happy as a Frenchman who had invented a pair of self-removing trousers.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Artwork: 40k Officio Medicae Symbol

Updated  09/08/12 - Added more "grimdark" variant

After working on all the medical fluff nonsense that I've been doing for some time, I realised that I hadn't actually created a symbol for the medical personnel of the 41st millennium. Whilst working on a nicer looking verison of Captain Nero's Post-Trauma report with Colonel Scipio, I was prompted into action.

It's something I've tinkered with in the past when considering a mini-medical diorama/objective marker - exactly what would Imperial medics and medical vehicles have to denote them? I was wary of using the red cross, whilst instantly recognisable as being medical, has too many real world connotations for it to be dropped in seamlessly. Sure, you could probably come up with fluffy reasons and meanings for it, but for me it seemed more trouble than it's worth.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Is retro the future? Thoughts on Rogue Trader

My next painting project, watch this space
Well, I'm back from the week of painting at the in-laws but still have no proper Internet wired in at home, I think I'm getting something close to withdrawal symptoms. In the brief moments I have been able to get online and read as many blogs as possible, I've noticed something in the air...

Maybe it's blatant to everyone and I've just noticed it. Maybe I've just been listening to a bit too much Joy Division and early Human League. Maybe it's because I've been reading a fair bit of JG Ballard lately (most recently, High Rise). Either way, there seems to be a lot of musings about and perhaps even a hankering for a return to the white heat, chaotic creativity and satire of the 40k of the 80s as embodied by Rogue Trader. A place where the word "Horus Heresy" meant nothing, Space Marines were psychopathic criminals charged with preventing the scourge of graffiti across the galaxy, anybody could buy power armour, and the Eldar were essentially New Romantic pirates. In space.

Monday, 16 July 2012

40k Medical Report: the wounding of Captain Nero

I wasn't expecting to post for a week, but Scipio has twisted my arm into putting this up. Admittedly, very little coercion was required... it is another "treading water" post of sorts, unfortunately not the proper content you lovely people deserve. I've now had over 10,000 hits which for some rather shabby posting is undeservedly lovely of you all :P

I am currently getting withdrawal symptoms from painting as I'm spending a week down at the in-laws, ironically doing some painting. Whilst daubing walls and skirting boards my mind is concerned with my "Knights of the Round Table" Honour Guard, or just exactly how I plan to paint the bikes - as well as ways to keep them alive a little longer next game with the Colonel.

Anyhoo, after saying I'd do some triage paperwork for Captain Nero following the recent events of our battle, I sat down today and tried to work out his specific injuries based on the known factors. I thought if I roughly wrote the ideas down in the form of medical notes from the surgery stage, my notes could be typed up by Scipio and used as a further fluff document. Waste not want not...

I wanted to make it as accurate as possible, a little more archaic then necessary and try and explain the medical terminology in a not explaining it kind of way. I've missed out bits about the absence of intercranial bleeding and fractured ribs, the usual stuff... I hope the medically trained aren't too offended by my ham-fisted ramblings which I know has a lot of gaps. It's been a long day.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Spears of Mawdryn vs Palladian Guard Battle Report

The bane of my left flank.....
Well, it's been a little longer than I'd hoped. I've just about finished moving house now but am still waiting for the internet to be properly plumbed in which is why I haven't posted as recently as I would have liked.

Readers of Colonel Scipio's Palladian Guard blog will know that myself and the Colonel have just had our first game of Sixth Edition 40k, with my hastily finished miniatures pitted against his beautiful, and lovingly painted Guard (now I'm settled in the new house I have no excuse to finish off my Marines).

As I'm only able to post very briefly I thought I'd simply share the battle report of the recent game, excellently written up by Scipio, along with my own comments that were sent several text messages at a time. It's almost the dark ages here.....

Without further ado, here is the Colonel's battle report of our game, take it away.... 
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